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Bulk goo.gl url Shortner and goo.gl Expander tool

Hi there, Welcome to “Postdynamic – The Master’s World“. This is special service tool “Bulk goo.gl url Shortner and goo.gl Expander“. With is tool you can easily shorten urls or links and then you can copy them easily. You can also expand the goo.gl shorten urls.

This tool is built to ease the work when we have lots of urls to short and expand. I hope it will be helpful for you and it is totally free for all.

This is for educational purpose only do not misuse this tool.

Bulk Goo.gl URL Shortener and Goo.gl Expander

Mass Goo.gl URL Shortener and goo.gl url Expander in bulk
  • One url/link per line
  • maximum 99 urls/links at a time
URL Lists: 0/99

Use your goo.gl API

Goo.gl API Key:
Note: You can leave empty Goo.gl API Keys at form above but if our API Keys reached limit usage you should insert your own API keys to use our bulk Goo.gl URL shortener and it safe because we do not log it because it using client side Javascript

Goo.gl URL Conversion Results

Short URL Long URL

tips: press Ctrl + click and drag to copy multiple URLs in table

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