Category - Other Services

In this category “Other Services” we have listed various free services and tools for our users. First of all, All services are free and only for educational purpose. So, We hope from our users not to misuse the services and tools. And Currently we are providing you “WhatsApp groups links” which are collection of various resources. Also we are providing “bulk/mass url shortener and url expander tool” which is to easy your work with multiple urls/links. Because these are free to use so anyone can have access of these and anyone can take benefit of these.

In future, we will add more tools and services for our users and we will try to provide all for free. Lets see what more we can do with the technical things and software skills.

Finally, there are lots of idea to work with like facebook, twitter, other web services. And web hosting services we just need to keep track of everything and need to build effective services and tools.

Current services and tools are

  • WhatsApp Group Links
  • url shortener and expander tool