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Hypstar Earn dollars within 15 seconds

Earn dollars within 15 seconds
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Hypstar Earn dollars within 15 seconds

As we all know money is very necessary part of everyone’s life. That is why we bring this special topic “Hypstar Earn dollars within 15 seconds“.
Yes!!!! you got it right Earn dollars within 15 seconds. By not wasting too much time.

Welcome to “Postdynamic – The Master’s World“. Our today’s topic is in “How to” guides. And we gonna discuss about an exceptional app. Which will help to Earn dollars in 15 seconds. Are you guys excited?? Then be ready here is the full details.


First of all let me tell you, Hypstar is an app which gives you opportunity to earn dollars. By just having some fun with creativity as well as gives to a good money in 15 seconds. To earn money you have to do few things which are given below in the article so read it completely.

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  1. Hypstar is an app you need to download.
  2. Download link:- Hypstar

How to Earn

There are two easy methods to earn money with this app and more you will get to know when you will use this app.

1. Beat the Q

Yes, In this method you have to answer 12 questions correctly and the time period to answer each question is 10 seconds.
And if your answer goes wrong then still you can play the game. Yes, its true but if you have extra life.
Which you can get by entering the below code in referral box.

Codes:- 09404643, 09027550

But guys its getting difficult days by days as the app is getting fame.
So, Don’t worry we can use second method which is super easy to Earn dollars in 15 seconds.

2. Earn in Dollars 15 seconds (video)

  1. Download and install Hypstar app.
  2. Open Hypstar app.
  3. Tap on Center Red colour icon(Plus sign or Video icon).
  4. Record any kind of video. It can be anything like funny, unique and etc.
  5. Then add some audio, effects or anything you like. You can post it normally too if you want to do so.
  6. After doing all the changes Post you video.
  7. Then share with your friends.
  8. As much as the watch time and likes on your videos you will get.
  9. Will gives you Flames.

What are flames now?

Flames are kind of points you earn with your videos.
Note:- $1 = 68-69 flames i.e. 1 flame = $0.015

So, What are you waiting for just go and grab the money by Hypstar Earn dollars within 15 sec.

Here is download link again :- Hypstar

Referral codes to get 5x life for quiz :-   09404643, 09027550



To earn flame your video must be new and real. Some creativity also.
If you upload any copy video then you will not get any flame.

Bonus Hint

You know what you can upload anything.
Example:- I just uploaded video of my Smartphone and got 75 flames. You might be thinking how easy is that and yes it’s true.

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