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Facebook Messenger Lite now available in 132+ countries |Benefits, Features & Limitations explained

Here is another update which comes from Facebook that Facebook Messenger Lite now available in 132+ countries. And here is how can you install it on your smartphone?

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Facebook Messenger Lite

This is new messenger app launch by Facebook which is an alternative of it’s own existing Messenger app. But it is not launched recently. People who belongs to the countries where only 2G network connectivity or slow speed  internet is available, are already using this Messenger Lite app. But it looks like that now Facebook want to expand and provide this app to everyone. Therefore they(Facebook) are rolling out Messenger Lite app on google play store over 132+ countries. In the list of 132+ countries, some countries like India, United States and United Kingdom are not present. But there is hope that soon Facebook will make it available for download and use globally from google play store.


  1. Messenger Lite app size is only between 4.5 to 5MB which is very small as compare to the normal Messenger app(size approx. 40MB).
  2. This app(messenger lite) will work smoothly on 2G networks and slow speed internet.
  3. As it is small in size therefore it will use less RAM of your smartphone. Which will resolve lagging issues of your smartphone.
  4. Messenger lite app also not consume huge amount of your smartphone’s battery unlike normal Messenger app which consumes huge amount of smartphone’s battery.
  5. Its small size and lesser effect on RAM will make it compatible for low-end devices.

Features and Limitations

  1. Messenger Lite app has some limitations because of its small size some feature are also not present as in normal Messenger app.
  2. First of all in this Messenger lite app you will not get free messenger to messenger calls feature. Which includes videos calls and voice call.
  3. Because this app is only for normal messaging purpose.
  4. But do not worry use can share other media files like links, images and photo, as voice messages in Messenger Lite app.
  5. It also provide options like mute conversation for individual chats.
  6. You can archive chat also to make your chat view clear(in case of lots of chats).
  7. Some other feature are also not present like  games, GIF and other service that we can add in normal messenger app.

Because there are many limitations in Messenger Lite app. But still it is worth for low-end smartphones(with lesser RAM and memory)  and slow speed networks in this small size of 4.5 to 5MB.


You can keep both Messenger apps i.e. Normal version and Lite version. And you can use normal version whenever you want o make calls and for chatting you can use Lite version. It depends upon you and your requirements.

If you are not able to find Messenger Lite app in google play store that means it is not available in your country. But Do not worry because still you can download and install it manually. Just check our this article :- How to install Facebook Messenger Lite if not available in your country?

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