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Facebook Reactions are now also available in Comments

Welcome to Postdynamic – The Master’s World today in “Lifestyle and Smartphones” we are going to discuss about Facebook’s new update.Facebook is getting better and exciting with time. And this time it is with Facebook Reactions. From last few months, Facebook is paying full attention on that what people need to express themselves. For the first time this Facebook feature(Facebook Reaction) was introduced in February. Then they keep on expanding this Facebook feature. The journey of this feature is like, first on Facebook posts(status updates) then in messenger. And now it is available in comments.

Before Facebook Reactions user had only one option of liking the comment of other user and not react. Which means by using this Facebook feature now user can react to the comments of other users. 

Now the Questions Arises regarding Facebook Reactions:

What kind of reaction emoji are available in comments ?
And the answer is, you can now react using emoji of “love,” “haha,” “wow,” “angry,” and “sad”.

What kind of platforms it supports to use Facebook Reactions in comments ?
And in answer, I will say it covers all the major platforms for example Android, iOS and the Web version of Facebook.

To see the reactions on you smartphone you have to hold on the like button in comments. And for desktop users just hover over the like button and it will you the reactions panel.

Statement from Facebook:

“We’ve heard from people that they’d like more ways to show their Reaction in conversations on Facebook, so we’re rolling out the ability to react to comments.”

Now as this Facebook feature is rolling out you can use it on Facebook. But if you are not able to see it don’t worry soon it will be on your Facebook. And just like everything, everyone is not happy with everything happening around. So there are also some users who are finding Facebook Reactions annoying. Now it is up-to you that how you find this Facebook feature helpful or annoying. As it will be soon available for you as well.

Apart from all this stuff of emoji available in comments. In this update of Facebook you are going to get one more useful emoji in messages. As we are already using emoji reactions in messenger. This time we will get to use Thumbs Down emoji. As users are requesting Facebook for dislike buttonThis emoji is surprise for all the users from Facebook. Now at least we will be able to use dislike in our messenger’s conversation. Or we can say Facebook is listening to us and this can be the sign for coming dislike button. So get ready for upcoming updates and exciting stuff that Facebook is going to provide us.

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