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WhatsApp New Amazing Features Now Provide More Ease-to-Users

In this article I am going to tell you about the “WhatsApp New Amazing Features” that are going to be very helpful for us. What are these features and how these are going to help us in our conversations? We are going to discuss all these things.

Welcome to Postdynamic-The Master’s World. Lets have a look at what are the new features of WhatsApp.


WhatsApp New Amazing Features

  1. Pin Chats
  2. Font Style
  3. Search and Send Gif (Already in normal WhatsApp version)

So now let me give you the full detail of these features.
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Pin Chats

The most recent and most important feature that WhatsApp is introducing is letting its user to “pin chats“. Yes, Now like Facebook and Twitter users WhatsApp users can also pin their important chats at the top of conversation screen. Means now you don’t have to scroll down for chatting with important persons of your life just pin their conversation at top and that is it.

And let me tell you, We can pin maximum three chats or conversations. After that when you try to pin 4th chat it will show a notification. That you can not pin more than three chats.

Font Style

Next amazing feature of WhatsApp is about “Font Style”. Currently, WhatsApp is giving us this feature by using (*word* ,  _word_ ). To give our font styles like bold and italic. But now it is going to be more easy and helpful for us.

Now you just have to simply select the words. And it will show options like copy,cut, paste and three dots. Click on “three dots” and it will show you the option of making your words Bold and Italic.

Currently these “Whatsapp New Amazing Features” are available in “WhatsApp beta version“(Click here- How to become WhatsApp beta User). And soon it will be available for normal WhatsApp users.

Search and Send Gif

This amazing feature is already available in normal WhatsApp version. But 90% of people do not know about this feature. By using this feature we can search and send different kind of gif files from our WhatsApp. For that we have to simply tap on “emoji icon“and at the bottom you will see a tab named “GIF”. Tap on that it will start loading most commonly used gif files around the world. You can also search gif files by taping on the search icon at bottom left corner of the screen. But we can not use this gif files feature for updating our WhatsApp status. Hope in upcoming versions WhatsApp will let us do that also.

So these are the “WhatsApp New Amazing Features” that WhatsApp is going to introduce soon in normal WhatsApp version. And if you want to use these features right now. Then you have to become a WhatApp beta user(Click here- How to become WhatsApp beta User). So that you can use the new or testing feature of WhatsApp before it comes to normal whatsapp version.

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